A new kid in town


There are lots of great perks about living in Colorado.  The weather is typically nice enough out that you can plan to do something outside, regardless of the time of year.  We even had the top down in the convertible this weekend.  There are also a ton of new restaurants and breweries to try.  In Longmont, we have been especially lucky with a slew of new restaurants to try at Happy Hour and a grand total of NINE local breweries.  Some of these are old staples or extensions of Colorado chains.  But one of the newer players in the game is Wibby Brewing.  Everyone I have talked to is buzzing about this place.  It has been a real crowd pleaser with a modest menu of lagers on tap. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, make sure to check out this really informative article at allaboutbeer.com. 


Check out the gigantic doors to the outside!  While I didn’t grab any pictures of the inside of this place, take my word for it, it is beautiful!  Bright, open, and super inviting.  Only hard part for me is sitting at the bar.  The stools are crazy high, bring your climbing gear if you are vertically challenged!wpid-20151010_133821.jpg

This place is also currently dog friendly so feel free to bring the pup by!  Maggie might make the trip in the next time we drive.  You can also order up some lunch from Georgia Boys!  What’s better than beer and BBQ?


The menu has done some rotating since opening but I think our family has settled on a few favorites.  I would recommend the IPL but the Dunkel has also been a great brew as well.  As we make our way around to the new Longmont breweries, I think some new standards are definitely going to pop up.  Can’t wait to spend some real quality time getting to know the team at Wibby!  Good luck guys!



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