Well, let’s dive in

So I admit I haven’t been the best at sharing what’s happening in my world of beer here but I can be pretty prolific on Instagram (@cohalfpint).

And as that’s the case, here are some quick snaps of where we have been and what we have been up to!

First up, Outer Range has only been open for one ski season up in Frisco and we were very happy!  We have actually stopped by since our first visit and I still haven’t found a beer I don’t like!  The location is on the beaten path if you know where to look!  The beer menu is changing daily so make sure you stop by and support them during the non-ski season!


We also hit up some hockey games in Denver this season so we did a bit of Denver exploring.  We tried a few new ones but the husband really enjoyed TRVE Brewing.  Heavy metal music at a comfortable volume and some obscure beer styles.  We stashed some in the fridge at home for later.


Another beer dinner from Samples and another Wibby win.  While I love Wibby (you rock!) I think it’s time for a new champion.  Join me for the next one?

BvB Tix

Girl Scout cookie season came and went and a lot of breweries hopped on the pairing flights.  The pairing at Left Hand came with some friends playing some tunes.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

GS Cookies

And Polestar season is back.  I guess Good JuJu season is back too!  Let the patio drinking begin!

LH Pint

And finally, now that the weather is good we took the convertible for a ride in the mountains and found our way to Rockcut Brewing Company.  This brewery is off the main drag in Estes Park with an empty parking lot in the off season!  If you find yourself being a tourist at home, this is a great stop!  We will be back!

RockCut Pint


Cider anyone?

Have I mentioned yet that Longmont is growing like gangbusters?  We have 9 breweries, sounds like a few new ones on the way, a thriving downtown, and now a cidery! In the 7 years since we have moved here, this is the year that Longmont seems to be growing into its own.  There isn’t a night of the week that we aren’t getting an invite to listen to a band, try a new menu, or check out a beer release party!

Sure beer is nice and wine is great for a girl’s night out but what about when you want something different?  Currently St. Vrain Cidery is offering some of the best options from across the state with some carefully curated taster flights for those of us new to cider!  While I know I love cider, I really appreciate some guidance when it comes to the plethora of choices!  I tried a hoppier flight that introduced me to some new to me flavors.  The group also tried some on the swe

eter side as well as a seasonal pumpkin flavored cider (warning: not for everyone!)

And after talking to the team, it sounds like we will have some local Longmont ciders in early 2017.  The shiny equipment is being installed and it is great to look at!  It is so nice to know that there is place to take out of town guests who are tired of the beer tours and those of our friends who abstain from Gluten!

While it may be hard to convince my drinking companions that we should choose cider over beer, I am sold!  The St. Vrain Cidery team has done a great job of renovating a languishing Longmont location and it sounds like they have some new neighbors very soon as well!

Passport Program west Flanders

Getting around town with the Passport Program

So back in May I got an email with the subject line “Don’t Miss Out On The 40+ Amazing Spots In The Boulder Passport!”

The email continued on… Two for One drinks all over Boulder! Just $20! I clicked, I bought, and it arrived.

And now that our office is weeks away from moving off Pearl Street, the Husband and I are trying to check off as many of these as we can after work.

So you ask, what is the Boulder Passport?  You can get all of the details at http://www.thepassportprogram.com/boulder/.

Essentially, restaurants and bars in a handful of cities have opted to bring you great drink specials all summer long!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can hit your favorite spots or try some new ones and get two for one specials to share with your friends!

Totally worth the $20 in my opinion.  (and it is mine, I paid for my Passport myself and they didn’t ask me to write this!)

It would be worth it even more to me if the burgeoning Longmont scene would take part in 2017.

Passport Program west Flanderswp-1468426934491.jpgwp-1468426894724.jpgwp-1468426894713.jpg

An outdoor 4th of July


So with the great (but hot) weather we have been having, it was only appropriate to spend the entire fourth of July weekend outside!  We kicked off our weekend with a quick nine holes of golf at a little course in Boulder County.  They were celebrating their 50th so we got $5 golf.  Hard to beat! Just bring your bugspray.

Golf Feet.JPG

On Sunday, we ended up parking at Hoosier Pass and heading out on a trail.  I am still not sure what trail we hiked but best I can tell, we were on a jeep road/county road with a bit of snow (you can see that on the right of the photo).  It was a bit windy and cloudy but we managed to avoid any rain until we were tucked back in the car.

Crystal Lake trail

And no hiking day would be complete without a few Colorado beers.  First stop was Breckenridge Brewery for lunch.  I had a tasty Trademark IPA and a brisket sandwich.  What a great way to relax!  After that, we made an unpictured stop at Prost in Frisco for some German beers and to pick up some brats for the grill the next day.


And finally, the big event!  We brought desserts and some drinks (a little Polestar goes a long way on a hot day!).  The rest of the spread was MIL provided! It was delicious.  Aside from the patriotic strawberries, we made homemade ice cream from a book from the 50’s and S’mores out on the firepit.

Party StrawberriesFourth Food

Overall, a pretty successful celebration of America’s birthday and a glorious way to spend a three day weekend!

Cheers to Friday,

Kim, the Half Pint

A new kid in town

There are lots of great perks about living in Colorado.  The weather is typically nice enough out that you can plan to do something outside, regardless of the time of year.  We even had the top down in the convertible this weekend.  There are also a ton of new restaurants and breweries to try.  In Longmont, we have been especially lucky with a slew of new restaurants to try at Happy Hour and a grand total of NINE local breweries.  Some of these are old staples or extensions of Colorado chains.  But one of the newer players in the game is Wibby Brewing.  Everyone I have talked to is buzzing about this place.  It has been a real crowd pleaser with a modest menu of lagers on tap. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, make sure to check out this really informative article at allaboutbeer.com. 


Check out the gigantic doors to the outside!  While I didn’t grab any pictures of the inside of this place, take my word for it, it is beautiful!  Bright, open, and super inviting.  Only hard part for me is sitting at the bar.  The stools are crazy high, bring your climbing gear if you are vertically challenged!wpid-20151010_133821.jpg

This place is also currently dog friendly so feel free to bring the pup by!  Maggie might make the trip in the next time we drive.  You can also order up some lunch from Georgia Boys!  What’s better than beer and BBQ?


The menu has done some rotating since opening but I think our family has settled on a few favorites.  I would recommend the IPL but the Dunkel has also been a great brew as well.  As we make our way around to the new Longmont breweries, I think some new standards are definitely going to pop up.  Can’t wait to spend some real quality time getting to know the team at Wibby!  Good luck guys!


Monday Suds: Happy Oktoberfest!

As we gear up for the 2015 #Oktoberfest, I thought I would share a little #tbt to the 2013 event!

Wonderings of a Twenty Something


I can’t believe it’s already October!  It’s my favorite month of the year.  It’s birthday month for me and the Husband as well as time to break out the fall sweaters, decorations, and hot apple cider.  Oktoberfest has also been in full swing since September 22.  Longmont got on the bandwagon this weekend and all three breweries; Lefthand, Oskar Blues, and Pumphouse got involved.  Lefthand was the official host of the event and they did an amazing job!  Such a community event!


We had an amazing time listening to some great music and watching some fun competition.  This was the Beer Stein holding contest and Mayor Coombs (the man on the left) was representing the city.  He did a pretty good job but he didn’t take it home.  Maybe next year, Mayor Coombs!


Thankfully, all of these gigantic steins were filled with water and beer.  It would have been…

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A historic event returns to the town of Berthoud


FlapJack Flight

The flight for the 2015 Flap Jack Day included:

  • Up All Night Watchman Coffee Stout
  • Peach Belgian Pale Ale
  • Vanilla Bandit Vanilla Brown Ale
  • Cask Conditioned Maple Brown Ale
  • Strawberry Golden Ale

We are spoiled for Palisade Peaches this time of year so I will take Peach anything all day!  My favorite brew of the day for sure.  Can we just skip over Pumpkin and keep the peaches flowing?

The line for Flap Jacks, sausage, and coffee was down the block the whole time we were there.  Pretty sure the town of Berthoud was happy to see this tradition (and the free Flap Jacks) return!

wpid-20150907_111706.jpg wpid-20150907_111805.jpg wpid-img_20150907_112052.jpg

A little history from City Star and the Berthoud Historical Society (Get all the details at http://berthoudflapjackday.com/)

From 1948 to 1958 the local Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce hosted a Flapjack Day in Berthoud Town Park that drew hordes of people to “The Garden Spot.” On the first Flapjack Day (1948) an estimated 1,000 persons descended on Berthoud to devour 5,000 free pancakes. By 1949, The Berthoud Bulletin announced that 3,700 visitors from 21 states downed a whopping 7,400 apjacks. Over its eleven-year span, Flapjack Day grew to include the crowning of a Flapjack Queen. spike-driving, swimming and diving contests, a baton twirling competition, pet-and-doll parades, a pig catching scramble, a tractor driving challenge. The last Flapjack Day was held in 1959 when the Chamber of Commerce decided to cancel; the event due to the high cost of hosting such a spectacle.

Congrats to this year’s Flap Jack Queen!  Already have this event marked on my calendar for 2016!  Who needs a Labor Day picnic when you can have pancakes for lunch instead?