Some non-beer adventures in Colorado

So sometimes when we get out, we don’t drink beer.  I know, hard to believe!  Last week was one of those weeks where we did a lot of fun stuff that was definitely worth sharing.

First up was a class at FoodLab Boulder.  We had a gift certificate and we took a Ramen class.  Totally worth it!  We learned about the ingredients used for Ramen noodles, the long and arduous process for broth, and the Husband discovered a new kind of zucchini!FoodLab_Kitchen

Next up was a Paint and Sip fundraiser for the Pearl Group.  Great night out for an early mother’s day and some of the money went to a good cause!

I also hit up my first Colorado Rockies game.  We stopped at the View House for a drink before we headed into the park.  Beautiful weather for a night out!  The Rockies didn’t win but at least we had some good seats!

And we capped off all of the non-beer activities with a mother’s day brunch at 24 Carrot Bistro in Erie.  The blood orange mimosa with basil was a nice twist!  And a short rib quiche was exactly the mash-up between breakfast and lunch I was looking for!

So not a lot of beer this week but plenty of fun things around Colorado!


A much brighter BvB dinner!

So another Beer vs Beer Dinner has come and gone!  Wibby wins again against strong competitor Upslope!  Our group of 6 was strongly leaning towards the Upslope side this time around!  Menu and beer pairings are below.

Time for a crowd source question!  Where do you go for beer dinners?  Our dinner group is ready to expand and try out a new chef.  Any suggestions?

Wibby Radler, Upslope Craft Lager

C1. Cuban Muffuletta Slider- Braised Mojo pork, Thin shaved Black Forrest ham, stone ground mustard tapenade, melted gruyere cheese, and house made pickles on french baguette. Fusion of 2 classic sandwiches from Cuban and Southern Comfort cuisines made into a fun appetizer.

Upsloope Sticke Alt, Wibby Schwarzbier

C2. Picadillo con Rice and Beans- Chopped braised short rib sauteed with seasonal vegetables and kidney beans in a light tomato sauces serverd over cilantro lime rice. fusion between picadillo which is classic Cuban comfort food and the Souths love of Dirty Rice and beans.

Wibby helles, Upslope Citra Pale Ale

C3. Crab and Grits- Blue Crab claw meat sauteed with onions garlic peppers and braised greens in creole spices over a bed cheesey grits. The south has shimp and grits, cubans have Crab and polenta, this is my take on fusing the 2.

Wibby Equal Hops, Upslope Pils

C4. Sweet Biscuit and Peach. Grilled peach “cobbler” over the top of a warm sweet biscuit topped with Chantilly Cream.

Upslope Barrel Aged English Porter, Wibby Scotch Ale Style Lager

A quick stop during a spring snow

So I had planned to hunker down and check out the beers we have stored in the basement this weekend as the last big snowstorm was rolling through this weekend.  Instead what we got was some wet weather and cold wind.  I exchanged my flannel pajama pants for jeans and we heading out to see what a Saturday in Longmont had to offer!  We have seen Open Door Brewing at a few different beer events around town so we decided to give them a try.  Generally, new breweries are a no-go for us but this new tasting room is part of a brewing company that has been creating craft beer for about 18 months so it was fair game!ODBC_Keg

We asked for tasters of everything they had!  We ended up with the ODBC beers as well as their guest taps… Lots of beer and lots of styles! Pictured here are just the ODBC beers on tap.


After sipping (very methodically, mind you) we settled on our favorites.  You can see a full beer list here.  My favorites Saturday were the Libertas Creme Ale and the current iteration of the Hopgave on tap (it sounds like there are a few versions out there!).  There was also an interesting grapefruit collaboration (with Crystal Springs, I believe) that was pretty tasty but the name escapes me.


Overall, the tasting room was pretty empty but that might have been the storm.  It is good to note that it sounds like most of the restaurants in Prospect will deliver so this is a great place to meet up with friends if you need a big table!  With so much competition in Longmont, I don’t think I had any beers that would drive me back in but I will happily have another Libertas at the next Longmont beer festival!

For the TL:DR

The Husband’s Two Word Review

Atmosphere: Sterile

Beer: Mediocre