A much brighter BvB dinner!


So another Beer vs Beer Dinner has come and gone!  Wibby wins again against strong competitor Upslope!  Our group of 6 was strongly leaning towards the Upslope side this time around!  Menu and beer pairings are below.

Time for a crowd source question!  Where do you go for beer dinners?  Our dinner group is ready to expand and try out a new chef.  Any suggestions?

Wibby Radler, Upslope Craft Lager

C1. Cuban Muffuletta Slider- Braised Mojo pork, Thin shaved Black Forrest ham, stone ground mustard tapenade, melted gruyere cheese, and house made pickles on french baguette. Fusion of 2 classic sandwiches from Cuban and Southern Comfort cuisines made into a fun appetizer.

Upsloope Sticke Alt, Wibby Schwarzbier

C2. Picadillo con Rice and Beans- Chopped braised short rib sauteed with seasonal vegetables and kidney beans in a light tomato sauces serverd over cilantro lime rice. fusion between picadillo which is classic Cuban comfort food and the Souths love of Dirty Rice and beans.

Wibby helles, Upslope Citra Pale Ale

C3. Crab and Grits- Blue Crab claw meat sauteed with onions garlic peppers and braised greens in creole spices over a bed cheesey grits. The south has shimp and grits, cubans have Crab and polenta, this is my take on fusing the 2.

Wibby Equal Hops, Upslope Pils

C4. Sweet Biscuit and Peach. Grilled peach “cobbler” over the top of a warm sweet biscuit topped with Chantilly Cream.

Upslope Barrel Aged English Porter, Wibby Scotch Ale Style Lager


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