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Getting around town with the Passport Program

So back in May I got an email with the subject line “Don’t Miss Out On The 40+ Amazing Spots In The Boulder Passport!”

The email continued on… Two for One drinks all over Boulder! Just $20! I clicked, I bought, and it arrived.

And now that our office is weeks away from moving off Pearl Street, the Husband and I are trying to check off as many of these as we can after work.

So you ask, what is the Boulder Passport?  You can get all of the details at

Essentially, restaurants and bars in a handful of cities have opted to bring you great drink specials all summer long!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can hit your favorite spots or try some new ones and get two for one specials to share with your friends!

Totally worth the $20 in my opinion.  (and it is mine, I paid for my Passport myself and they didn’t ask me to write this!)

It would be worth it even more to me if the burgeoning Longmont scene would take part in 2017.

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An outdoor 4th of July


So with the great (but hot) weather we have been having, it was only appropriate to spend the entire fourth of July weekend outside!  We kicked off our weekend with a quick nine holes of golf at a little course in Boulder County.  They were celebrating their 50th so we got $5 golf.  Hard to beat! Just bring your bugspray.

Golf Feet.JPG

On Sunday, we ended up parking at Hoosier Pass and heading out on a trail.  I am still not sure what trail we hiked but best I can tell, we were on a jeep road/county road with a bit of snow (you can see that on the right of the photo).  It was a bit windy and cloudy but we managed to avoid any rain until we were tucked back in the car.

Crystal Lake trail

And no hiking day would be complete without a few Colorado beers.  First stop was Breckenridge Brewery for lunch.  I had a tasty Trademark IPA and a brisket sandwich.  What a great way to relax!  After that, we made an unpictured stop at Prost in Frisco for some German beers and to pick up some brats for the grill the next day.


And finally, the big event!  We brought desserts and some drinks (a little Polestar goes a long way on a hot day!).  The rest of the spread was MIL provided! It was delicious.  Aside from the patriotic strawberries, we made homemade ice cream from a book from the 50’s and S’mores out on the firepit.

Party StrawberriesFourth Food

Overall, a pretty successful celebration of America’s birthday and a glorious way to spend a three day weekend!

Cheers to Friday,

Kim, the Half Pint

California Dreaming

A few weeks back, I had the chance to hang out for a few days in California after a solid week of work and conference.  Can’t complain as the location was amazing…


We moved from Monarch Beach to Long Beach and started a weekend of beachtime, sunburns, and good beer!

First, a quick shot of the ocean.  I go to California twice a year for work and once for fun (usually) and I never get to spend any time at the ocean.  Definitely got my feel of sun (read: cold baths to soothe major sunburns) and salt air.


Once we settled into our hotel in Long Beach, we hit up Beachwood BBQ and Brewing.  We had some amazing food.  Too good to snap pictures and some great beer.  We wanted to check out the Blendery as well but we ran out of time.  Next time for sure!IMG_20160617_193230

Before we headed towards the airport, we made Sunday the beer tour day.  We started with lunch at the Anaheim Packing House, a favorite from my work trips.  I felt really silly when I realized that Anaheim Brewery was just on the other side of the parking lot.  This will definitely be a spot I will hit up on work trips.  Solid beer, great location, and really friendly staff.  The beer actually reminded me a lot of our trip to Dostal Alley.

Anaheim BeerAnaheim Brewing menu

The beertender at Anaheim Brewing sent us on to Noble Ale Works.  This was a busy spot on a soccer Sunday but we were able to get our drinks and sit in the brewhouse.  This menu was a bit more experimental but there were some real standouts.  As it turns out, my favorite beer was the “I love it!”.  Really clean IPA and super refreshing for a 90 degree day.

Noble SignNoble Menu

There are so many California breweries we didn’t seen on this trip but never fear, we will be back.  What is your favorite California brewery?