Getting around town with the Passport Program

So back in May I got an email with the subject line “Don’t Miss Out On The 40+ Amazing Spots In The Boulder Passport!”

The email continued on… Two for One drinks all over Boulder! Just $20! I clicked, I bought, and it arrived.

And now that our office is weeks away from moving off Pearl Street, the Husband and I are trying to check off as many of these as we can after work.

So you ask, what is the Boulder Passport?  You can get all of the details at

Essentially, restaurants and bars in a handful of cities have opted to bring you great drink specials all summer long!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can hit your favorite spots or try some new ones and get two for one specials to share with your friends!

Totally worth the $20 in my opinion.  (and it is mine, I paid for my Passport myself and they didn’t ask me to write this!)

It would be worth it even more to me if the burgeoning Longmont scene would take part in 2017.

Passport Program west Flanderswp-1468426934491.jpgwp-1468426894724.jpgwp-1468426894713.jpg


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