Mountain Getaway

The nice part about living in the front range is that a mountain weekend isn’t that far away!  Sure, we had to get up at 4:30 AM to hopefully beat the traffic (spoiler: we didn’t) and scramble for the last parking spot in the paid lot but it seemed worth it!

While I am not the most avid skier, we still head up a few times a season to enjoy the fluffy stuff.  We spent this particular weekend doing a day at Copper and a day at Breck.  We also enjoyed some mountain beers, the new Mountain Passport, and we found a new to us amazing liquor store!  We weren’t able to hit all of our favorites but that is what the next trip is for.

New Find: Basecamp Wine and Spirits

This was an amazing place with a walk in bomber cooler.  After we stopped at Outer Range, we stopped here to stock the rental for the weekend.  Needless to say, we bought way too much and now our fridge at home is pretty well stocked!


Apres Ski

Here is the aforementioned ORB beer as well as a Copper Kettle Beer that I hadn’t tried before.  ORB was after our Copper Ski day and Copper Kettle was at the end of the Breck day.


New this time around: Mountain Passport

When our Boulder Passport came in the mail, we also received the Mountain Passport.  It was great to hit up some of our favorites!  We just wish it lasted until the end of ski season.  The extra weeks would be very helpful!


Favorite Food in Breckenridge: Twist

For an early Valentine’s Day treat, we stopped at our favorite location in Breckenridge and I ordered the lamb.  No matter the preparation of the lamb, it is always fall off the bone tender and amazing!  Sorry for the less than stellar photo.  I will say that I ate every last bite on that plate!


Skiing: Bluebird conditions and fresh powder!

When we skied at Copper Mountain, the fresh snow was coming down.  The skiing was wet and challenging but overall, a lot of fun.  The second day was time to conquer a new mountain.  I have visited Breck a few times but never to ski.  This time, we tried it out together and while I was really nervous, the runs were long and winding and I only found my butt in the snow once!  Not bad.


Beers on the way down: Westbound & Down

Finally, on our way down the mountain, we hit up a new to us brewery, Westbound & Down.  I will say that the Hef and the Tripel were my favorites that I tried that day and we brought a crowler down so the husband could have some post-drive.  The next time we come down, we will definitely be stopping for lunch!


And that’s it!  A quick mountain getaway with a bit of snow, a bit of beer, and plenty of great views!


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