January in Review


So I blinked and January is already over.  There hasn’t been much in my life as far a beer goes…  The big news came early in the month with me joining Shoes N’ Brews ambassador team.  Our kick off event is coming up so I am sure to have more info in the near future.  But this did mean that I did start showing up for the Thursday night run group and getting some new gear!


Right after the start of the year, we headed off to California to enjoy some nice weather and delicious wines!  If you are looking for an amazing January getaway, Healdsburg takes the cake with the Winter Wineland event!  No affiliate link, I just love this event!


While meal planning and trying to get back into shape have been the focus this month (which needs some work!), balance is always important.  Family pizza night at Rosalee’s was definitely in order!  I think that pie is wider than the table.


We finally got some snow which kept us inside for a few days!  It was cold, windy, and icy so we opted to cuddle in and watch movies.  Not a bad January weekend.


The Husband won a spot in the Shoes N’ Brews mug club this year.  At the member party they introduced the 20 on 20 beer challenge.  We hope to compete in February.  You have to name all 20 beers on tap by sipping just 2 ounces!  He also won the first pick of the member’s line so hopefully we will at least be able to identify that beer.


A quick work trip took me to Ft Myers.  Don’t let the blue skies in this picture fool you.  It was sunny the whole time we were in session and as soon as the boat launched, the clouds rolled in!


When I got back, I met up with a new friend at Wibby Brewing for the Downtown Hop collaboration .


After that, we hit up Shoes N’ Brews (anyone sensing a pattern here?) for Beer Can Appreciation Day.  Yes, it’s a thing! I got to sample some beer from 4 Noses. Looking back, it looks like I had the ‘Bout Damn Time IPA.  Simple, delicious, and light.  Definitely adding 4 Noses to my visit list!


And to cap off the month, we finally went skiing!  The weather had not been cooperating and so we had to wait.  The snow was ok and the crowds were manageable so I would say it was a success.  We finished the day with an Apres beer and tomato soup!


And that, my friends, was January.  Look out for some February plans later this week!


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  1. Nicculent says:

    “I blinked and january is already over” so true!It’s april already,2018 is going by super fast.But i think that’s because we’re enjoying it.Anyway,love this blog:)keep writing<3

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