Welcome to the Tribe!


In 2018, one of my goals was to add more running to my life.  In 2017, I ran my first half marathon.  My goal for this half marathon was simply to finish.  My training suffered the due to travel and it showed on race day.  I was happy with my finish but I know I can do better.

After sitting on my butt for nearly 2 months, I knew I needed something to get me in gear.  And then an email showed up introducing the Legendary Hustle Race and Ambassador team!

Shoes & Brews has decided to create The Shoes & Brews Legendary Hustle Program consisting of people who cheer hard, give high fives willingly, find success in others and share their passion for Shoes & Brews.


And suddenly my love of beer and my need to run had found a home!  I put in my application and waited.  And now here we are and I am part of the tribe!  I have promised to attend all Thursday night run groups when I am in town (3 so far!) and run/participate in more race events this year than last.  And my goal that I put up on the wall with my name on it promises to turn in a better half marathon time than last year!20180109_163627.jpg

I have done some quick runs around the neighborhood and some short out and back routes on Thursday night.  I have always been a fair weather runner so my first run group night when it was dark and in the teens, I totally thought I would chicken out and stay home.  But I went, turned on the flashlight on my cellphone and did a really slow two miles.  If I am going to get better, I need to find a plan to get systematically better.  I did Hal Higdon last time around.  If you have any suggestions for me, leave ’em in the comments!


I made a running gear purchase I never thought I would make!  As soon as I got home from that first night, I hopped online and had a headlamp sent to our house!  If I was going to take this seriously, I needed to have the right stuff.  The only downside to the headlamp I have found so far is that I can see all of the creatures on the creek that are watching me as I run by… slightly unsettling but more reason to stay with the group!


As I approach 2018, I hope to share more beer events and progress with you!  And plenty of beer along the way!



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