Go ahead… say “new normal” again


I think every email from every company that I have gotten in the last month thanks me for adjusting to this “new normal”. First, I don’t think I need to hear that from the company I bought athleisure from 2 years ago needs to tell me and second, does this have to be normal? But we are adjusting around here and I think the 2 of us being home for the rest of 2020 seems like more of a reality every day. So what am I doing?

First, I am trying to get my a workout in a few times a week. My pilates studio is back open but the chance of me actually getting a reservation have been slim. So I am still using Zoom to check in with the Training for Warriors group occasionally and the rest of the week, I tie up my laces and head out for some fresh air.

Second, the reason I have to make myself work out is because I have been cooking and baking… my favorite recipe so far was this sauce . We ate it so fast that I didn’t even think to grab pictures but I will make it again. 10 cloves of garlic and anchovies and it was a winner! Since the husband doesn’t like the texture of tomato, I went ahead and gave it a quick blend before I poured it over the pasta and it was perfect! I’ve also baked bread, made Coq au Vin in my slow cooker, and gotten creative with the odds and ends ingredients in the freezer. Now only if I had someone to clean up my dishes for me.

And finally, I am spending a lot of quality time outside. Whether I am picking at the weeds, the raised garden bed, or the container plants, I am trying to be outside. It is too easy to cuddle up with a second (or third) cup of coffee and watch junk TV. Instead, I spend some time catching up on the digital stuff while the dew burns off and then I head out. Luckily it has been nice but once it gets hot, I might have to switch it up.

Overall, it’s been a lot of adjusting and being flexible. Restaurants, bars, and stores are starting to re-open but I just don’t know if I am ready to head back out. I am finally getting comfortable wearing a mask for more than 5 minutes (try do pilates in a mask…) so I can’t imagine sitting in a place where I can only take off my mask for a sip or a bite. I will take a cautious approach and continue to have happy hour on my own patio!

Be well!


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