A garden update


So when we planted seeds back in March, little did I know that I would have sooo much time to tend my garden. And when I added plants in May, it looked like I was going to need to grow vegetables to replace the stuff we would get at the farmer’s market because there wasn’t going to be one.

And now, here we are half way through July and it seems the pandemic rages on even though most people are bored with being home. We did sneak away for a quick trip and enjoyed some socially distanced pool time but now we are home with no plans for any trips any time soon. So here I am, sitting on my patio (hooray for the wi-fi extender!) enjoying the view.

These pics are a little outdated but I thought I would share them anyway! Since I took the pictures, we took out the peas as they ran their course. We got several pounds of peas once they were shelled.

And the zucchini and tomatoes go through some regular pruning to keep them from devouring everything else in the box.

The other thing we are very proud of this year are the grapes on the pergola! If you have any great recipes for grapes, leave ’em in the comments. I’m gonna need them!

The little garden oasis is going to get a bit of a transformation in the coming weeks and I can’t wait to share the upgrades we are making!


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