The best pool in Longmont


So for a summer that has been full of cancelled plans, socially distanced happy hours, and staying put it was time for a break! We had the family in town and we wanted to do something that everyone could enjoy and decided to give the Wibby pool a go. And it was sooo worth it. I haven’t included any pictures of the family in the pool to protect the innocent but we had small children and adults and I think it’s safe to say we all had a blast. As you can see from our photos, there were plenty of pool float friends to bring the fun! And all week, we told the kids to not be a drama llama, and then we get there and there is a llama full of glitter. Full on definition of a drama llama!

Since all of this has started, breweries and restaurants have worked to make the best out of a crappy situation and for Wibby, this meant dusting off the Hooplagers pool and booking small parties. Wibby is offering a wide range of beverages from the standard lager menu, a new slushy menu, wine and seltzers! And lemonade for the kiddos! We were in for about two and half hours and got a good bit of sun. I enjoyed a few beers and margaritas and then we went home for a homemade pizza party before the bugs came out to play!

Thanks so much to the Wibby team and Robin for making sure that even though many things are closed, we were still able to have some fun in our own backyard!


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