Well, let’s dive in


So I admit I haven’t been the best at sharing what’s happening in my world of beer here but I can be pretty prolific on Instagram (@cohalfpint).

And as that’s the case, here are some quick snaps of where we have been and what we have been up to!

First up, Outer Range has only been open for one ski season up in Frisco and we were very happy!  We have actually stopped by since our first visit and I still haven’t found a beer I don’t like!  The location is on the beaten path if you know where to look!  The beer menu is changing daily so make sure you stop by and support them during the non-ski season!


We also hit up some hockey games in Denver this season so we did a bit of Denver exploring.  We tried a few new ones but the husband really enjoyed TRVE Brewing.  Heavy metal music at a comfortable volume and some obscure beer styles.  We stashed some in the fridge at home for later.


Another beer dinner from Samples and another Wibby win.  While I love Wibby (you rock!) I think it’s time for a new champion.  Join me for the next one?

BvB Tix

Girl Scout cookie season came and went and a lot of breweries hopped on the pairing flights.  The pairing at Left Hand came with some friends playing some tunes.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

GS Cookies

And Polestar season is back.  I guess Good JuJu season is back too!  Let the patio drinking begin!

LH Pint

And finally, now that the weather is good we took the convertible for a ride in the mountains and found our way to Rockcut Brewing Company.  This brewery is off the main drag in Estes Park with an empty parking lot in the off season!  If you find yourself being a tourist at home, this is a great stop!  We will be back!

RockCut Pint


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