Cellar West Artisan Ales


To be honest, this stop wasn’t a high priority for me when I initially scanned the passport. I hadn’t heard much about them and when I checked out the website, farmhouse ales in bottles seemed to be the theme.IMG_7282

Then on Saturday, we let someone else pick the stop and we landed here!  The Passport Program stamped earned us a BOGO on the draft beers so our choices were limited to 3.  And this was not our only stop for the day so the 10% (even if only a half pour) was out for me.  So I went with Meager, a table saison. img_7286.jpg

While we sat at the bar, we chatted with the beertender about their GABF medal, beer styles, and the first year being open.  Overall, I was pretty impressed with the saison I tried and the few sips I had of the others.  I wish I could have tried more but buying and splitting bottles wasn’t on the table for this trip.


And just for kicks, the parking sign that made our whole car laugh!



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