What is the going rate of craft beer?


So, finally a beer post! A few weeks ago, we got an email at our house to announce the arrival of one of our favorite Left Hand Beers, the St. Vrain Trippel! Every time this special beer comes by, we grab a few bombers (a 22 ounce bottle), one for now and the rest to stash in the basement with the wine. Once it is stashed away, we will inevitably forget about it and somehow magically find it at the height of it’s tastiness. My favorite was when we were packing to move into this house and found six bombers in a closet!

Anyway, I digress. Back to this year’s release… the email comes and says you can get St. Vrain Trippel aged in Laws Whiskey barrels for just $12.99 a bottle. What a steal you say? Well, we put our order in for 4 bottles and waited anxiously for our delivery to arrive (pandemic time beer delivery is something we are keeping when this is over, right?). Well, our doorbell rings and as I open the door to say hi and show my ID, the Left Hand driver is already back in the van and getting ready to pull away.

This should have been my first clue… I look down and see four 12 ounce bottles on my stoop. That’s right, I had no idea that I would be receiving 48 ounces of beer for $52… I guess shame on me for not asking to clarify the size of the bottle in question but I don’t think I expected to pay over $1 per ounce of beer… ever.

So now for the taste test! Luckily, I still have 3 bottles of the last release stored downstairs so it’s time to put them head to head!

And the results are in! The Husband poured a few ounces each into taster glasses so I could take a guess as to which was which. Of course, you can smell the whiskey barrel from a mile away so this was an easy one! We both agreed that while the St. Vrain in the whiskey barrel had a nice flavor, we want to let them hang out and mellow a bit. We are both fans of the original and can’t wait to see what the whiskey barrel turns into! I will make a note to repeat the test in 6 months!



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