Stuck in a rut…

So it seems like everyone I know has hit the pandemic wall. Doing the same thing, day in and day out, with the same people (or without them) has been tough mentally. And while I haven’t baked as much as I did at the beginning of this (almost a year ago!) and I don’t have produce projects to keep me busy, we have tried to do a few things to change things up.

First up was a trip to the mountains to enjoy some fresh air! If you are looking for a pretty socially distanced activity, skiing has nailed it for us. We haven’t had to ride a chairlift with anyone we don’t know and because of the parking reservation systems, we haven’t had to rush to get up to the mountain either. Next time we go it will probably be closer to the traditional spring break so we will see what that looks like!

The other thing we continue to do is cook new recipes!! We picked up a great cookbook on our last trip to California. That was almost 18 months ago!! Anyway… Season has been a great cookbook with recipes that have challenged me and has brought us new ingredients. The last one we made was Gnocchi, caramelized onions, parsnips, and chard. I made the gnocchi from scratch and learned some lessons. And we have gnocchi in the freezer for the next round. Do you have any favorite cookbooks?

My next at home project is garden planning! I am going to take another go at seed starting in the basement this year. Last year, I made an attempt but ended up buying plants at the garden store. I have watched a hundred youtube videos and read a bunch of articles from the local university agricultural centers on how and when to start seeds. First up, it’s eggplant! I will keep you posted on how this garden journey takes off.

Until then…


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