This could get a bit hairy… A quick visit to GrossenBart Brewery



What do you do when you are tired of looking at your Christmas decorations but it’s still snowing out?  You find the closest new brewery and brave the cold!  A few days ago (before the last pile of sow accumulated) we hit up one of Longmont’s new breweries, GrossenBart.  We have tried this beer at a few festivals and we were ready to see what they could do with a more permanent location.  After lurking around a back alley type circle behind the school bus lot, we stumbled upon the tiny cardboard brewery sign.  This is par for the course for many Front Range breweries.  We pulled into the lot and walked into a quiet, dog friendly brewery.  The set up was pretty sparse but it had everything you needed to enjoy a pint.



We grabbed a mustache shaped taster tray and sat where I could get a good look at the chalk art on the wall.  We were able to try all of their beers.  Most of the beers on the menu were pretty low IBU’s and ABV so great to have a few with friends.  The IPA was the exact opposite of the rest of their pairings and a little too strong for these tastebuds.


My favorite of the day was the pale ale.  It was nice and balanced.  Their website says that this is the beer for those not quite prepared for the IPA.  And each glass lets you try out your new facial hair.

“Each of our beers are associated with a different style of facial hair. Hold the glass up to your face to see how you would look sporting all the unique facial hair styles!”


While we hanging out with the GrossenBart mascot, the Admiral, we watched the snow and heard about the two upcoming brews.  The winter wheat and red ales are next. And that means we will have to go back and sample.  While we didn’t get to know the guys behind the bar very well, we will hopefully get to sit down and chat on our next visit.

Welcome to Longmont guys!





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