Find your way to Broken Compass!

Just before Christmas we were up in Breckenridge and I saw a sticker… a sticker for a new brewery in Breckenridge!  Guerrilla marketing at it’s best!


On our next trip up the mountains, I had Broken Compass on my non-negotiable, must visit list.  After circling the industrial park for a few minutes, we pulled up and settled in.  We chatted up our beertender and stared at the tap menu.  After a couple brief glances, we decided to eliminate the pumpkin seasonal and let those who know the beer do the picking.  We tasted the six favorites (and a few sips of a few extras) and decided we could definitely make this a regular stop.


I had two definite favorites.  My first was the Coconut Porter.  Coconut in anything is good but coconut in beer is pretty awesome!  The best part is that there is nothing fake about this coconut!  Real, dried, whole flakes of Organic Coconut are added to the fermenter to impart some strong flavor.  I could curl up with a growler of this beer and sit by the fire and stare at the snow all day!  No skiing necessary.  The minute they start putting this in cans/bottles, I will be stocking up.  (Brand new brewery so no idea when that will happen…  soon?).

The second beer I loved was the exact opposite.  This was a warm weather beer to be enjoyed in the sun (or after a long day of bluebird skiing).  This beer was the Ginger Pale ale and I sat an enjoyed  a whole pint of this.  If you will remember, one of my favorite beers on the planet is Left Hand’s Good JuJu.  While both of these beers share the ginger flavor, that is where it stops.  The Ginger Pale ale had a spicy, biting ginger taste that kept from chugging it down but kept you coming back.  It was intriguing and light but full bodied.  Definitely a unique taste.


Overall, I had a blast getting to know another great mountain spot.  And if you check out their Facebook, you will see they are always having a great time!  Hopefully I can stop up sometime for a Potluck!


CAM00375  CAM00377


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