Take a seat at Dostal Alley


So when you go to Blackhawk and Central City, you expect to see Casinos, casino shuttles, and people tethered to machines by little colorful bungie keychains.  Many times a year, you can find me enjoying a cocktail and pushing buttons on a penny slot machine.  What I didn’t know was there was a brewery!  If you go to Central City and poke around a bit, you will find yourself in a small casino with card game machines, a fun bartender, and their own beer!

And to make it even better, Dostal Alley isn’t just any brewery.  Dostal Alley is a GABF medal winner with a great stout!  You can see the whole beer list below.  My favorite was the stout and the Husband loves the Pub Ale!  The beers were true to industry standards and no surprises.  And sometimes that’s ok!  There are many times I just want to sit down and order a pint.  I don’t want to sip and smell and think about it, I just want to have a Stout!  It’s a breath of fresh air to have a beer and know what you are getting yourself into.CAM00387

Another great discovery was the brewer/author in the house.  I picked up a copy of Dave Thomas’s Book Of Mines & Beers. Dostal Alley has been brewing since 1998 but Gilpin County has a rich history of brewers and beer drinkers.  While I have only leafed through it a bit, I already know that I can’t wait to read about some of the brewers that have made the Front Range and Colorado such a great place to brew and enjoy beer.



This brewery is so different from any other place in Colorado!  I am even having trouble putting into words why I love this place so much.  The team is humble, the space is comfortable, and the award winning beers are amazing!  I haven’t tried the pizza yet but I can assume it’s probably pretty tasty.  If you find yourself anywhere near Central City, make sure you make time to play a bit of Deuces Wild and enjoy a Dostal Alley beer.




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