A quick stop at Cannonball Creek

Every time I drive through Golden, I tell myself we are going to stop at one of the new breweries that has opened in the last 18 months…  and then we drive through at 9:30 in the morning and I curse my poor scheduling.

A couple weeks back we found ourselves at the right place at the right time and stopped in for a tray of tasters.  20150419_145728

From the CCB website:

“Cannonball Creek Brewing Company was founded in January of 2013 by Jason Stengl and Brian Hutchinson.  Jason and Brian met in 2004 at the Mountain Sun family of breweries in Boulder, Colorado were they both learned to hone the craft they love.  With over 15 years of combined professional brewing experience and an uncanny ability to tolerate one another, they decided it was time to take a leap and chase the dream of opening their own brewery.”

What I really liked was the Mindbender IPA.  What my MIL liked (too all of our shock and awe) was the Double IPA, the Not Mindbender Imperial IPA.  Coming in at a whopping 9.5% this was definitely out of her typical pilsner and lager ordering habits but delicious and well rounded!  I definitely think all of the different citrus notes made it much more appealing.  Not the bitter hop fest I was expecting!


This is a great location with plenty of space to grow and great crowd.  the variety of beers was great.  Everyone at our table found something they liked and the beers run the ABV gamut so you can definitely find something you are comfortable sipping all afternoon!  If the weather were better, we would have sat out on the great patio.  We will definitely be back to have a GABF winning Featherweight out in the Colorado sun!


20150419_151940  20150419_153550


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