Finally, we stopped at Liquid Mechanics…

Settling in after vacation is the worst… So once we were back and thinking clearly, we knew it was time to head out in the Mini and hit up a brewery or two to get us back on track.  First stop of the day was Liquid Mechanics in Lafayette, CO.  We got there the same time a bike group of about 50 did so we grabbed some tasters and headed out to the patio.


On the menu, we had the classics set and added the hefe for a bit of summer fun.  The menu was pretty diverse but all of the beers were very drinkable and true to style.  I don’t know if it was the thought of hopping on bikes and joining the bike group or the sunburn I was starting to acquire but the Kolsch was definitely my favorite of the day!  Nice and clean and very refreshing.  Sad I was only able to get a 10 ounce pour!  Here are the notes from the brewer:

Light in color and alcohol, this beer style originates in Cologne, Germany.  Quintessential Kolsch beers have an almost Cheerio aroma with green apple or pear rounding out the aroma.  Flavor is crisp and clean with a hint of fruity sweetness


It was so busy in the brewery when we were there we didn’t get to ask too many questions.  I did my sleuthing online and found a pleasant surprise!  Liquid Mechanics has value and mission statements!  I love that this brewery has made it a goal from the very beginning to be a strong part of their community.

We pour every ounce of our energy into providing great tasting beer, a cool and welcoming tasting room, and wonderful service.
We care about fantastic beer, our community, philanthropy, and making lifelong friends.  At our core, we are “down home” good old boys with a splash of sophistication.  We are hard working, humble, nostalgic, and strive to provide our fellow beer drinkers with an unforgettable experience.
We approach brewing as an organic relationship between the beer we make and the people who drink it.  Our beer is nothing without you…


The location of this brewery is super convenient, right on the corner of Highway 287 and Baseline Road.  It’s also biking distance to two other breweries in the area (if you are into that kind of thing).

Hopefully I can meet you there for a pint soon!


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  1. davin helden says:

    Thanks for the writeup!! We are so happy you enjoyed your time. I’d love to share your review on social media, however, the jpeg images don’t seem to be opening up.

    Davin Helden
    Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.

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