New neighbor in Gunbarrel

So with the news of brewery closings along Highway 119 ( Powder Keg in Niwot and Vindication in Gunbarrel) I was surprised to hear about a brewery opening up a new spot.  We hit this new brewery up on a very quiet afternoon with a few patrons at tables and a band warming up on stage.  I was impressed with the decor and even more impressed with the setup for the bands!

However, the beer was just okay.  We started with a taster tray and were met with a lot of options!  My favorite of the day happened to be the Tim-Beer, a sessionable beer with light and hoppy beer that will be great on a hot day!

BTM pint

The beer that caught me off guard was the Basil Saison… The aroma was great with light and herby scents but as soon as a took a sip I couldn’t keep my face from twisting up!  One sip was enough for me and I let everyone else at the table take a sip and we were in agreement, not for us.


While I know that not everyone is going to love every brewery, this one was a miss for me and all of the drinking buddies I had with me.  As I always do, I won’t write this brewery off after one visit.  Hope to come back to see a local band and try it again!


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