Spring of Beer!


Throughout the Spring, we have done quite a bit of traveling which has left little time for new breweries.  I have spent a lot of time at Shoes and Brews for Thursday night run club.  But I wanted to share some of the highlights from this spring!  And to stay up to date, make sure to follow me on Instagram

Sadly, we have seen more than enough Colorado breweries close in the last few months.  I was sad to see the doors at Vindication close.  They had some great beer and a great team!

We were also able to hit up Rail’s End a while back!  Great space at the end of an industrial park (where all great breweries are!).  We got to enjoy some sunshine and some quality beers!

Next up, we hit up Endo Brewing (and Bike Shop).  We had made plans to head out just as the the hail storm hit!  So bad we almost had to pull over!  And once we got there, it was pretty wet and the hail was pretty deep.  But the beers were great and the game room was pretty massive. Going to have to go back to spend some more time!  Maybe we can even find a way to bike there from Longmont!

On a particularly busy day for us down in Denver, we caught a Rockies’ game and a Flogging Molly/Dropkick Murphy’s concert.  Of course we had time to kill which got us to Wood’s Boss.  What a great stop!  I just wish it weren’t so far away.  We also gave Open Door another go before dinner in Longmont and loved it! And just a few random shots of travel beers and outdoor festivals!

Summer is in full swing in Colorado and I can’t wait to enjoy the patio weather!



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