Back to brewing

So after about a year off, the Husband got the itch to brew again.  He made plans with some friends to come over, we would smoke some meat and brew some beer.  The weather cooperated and we got to have a great day outside!

First stop was on Saturday though.  Because you obviously need to have beer on hand for a brew day to be successful.  When we stopped by Left Hand, it was the release day for Flamingo Dreams.  I’ll spare you pictures of the staff (you can find them on Instagram @lefthandbrewing, they are worth it!) but the brewery had gone from red to pink!  I loved the decor of the day but the beer wasn’t for me.  I’ll stick to the Good Juju.



On Sunday, the Husband got the smoker up and rolling while I prepped the chickens.  And our friends brought over their kettle to brew.


Once we (let’s be honest, I wasn’t much help on the brew front this weekend) got the beer rolling, it was time to eat.  Beautiful chickens came out of the smoker and lunch was served! I totally forgot to snap a photo of the chickens before they became chicken pieces, ready to serve.


We hung out for a few more hours while the beer did it’s thing and started the final countdown with the hop additions (6 in this batch, I think.  Told you, not much help).  We split the batches into two separate batches for fermenting and the cleaning commenced.  When you brew outside, the clean up is pretty easy.  And just like, we had beer.  In a few weeks, we will get together to compare the beers. Exact same beers, different fermenting locations and final destinations.  Our’s are bound for flip top growlers and their’s is bound for a keg.  I will let you know how it tastes when it’s ready!



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