Belgian Brew Fest – Denver, CO



What a great way to try out a style you don’t normally pick!  I’m normally a pale ale girl, nothing too fruity and nothing too funky.  Thanks to the team at Spigot Labs I was able to grab a couple of tickets to the Belgian Brew Fest at Bruz Beers this weekend.  It was all new to us!  We had never been in this really cute neighborhood, never been to this brewery, and most of the beers were new to us as well.

And thanks to Spigot Labs, I was easily able to keep a list of the beers I tried with ratings and brewers notes.  As you can see, the taster glasses had an RFID sticker on the bottom and there were RFID readers at each beer station.  You got your sample and simply set your glass on the reader and it just shows up on your list!  It was easy to set up my account and even more simple to track my beers.  The process was seamless and super helpful in the end!


There were some beers that I tried that I had been itching to try (I’m looking at you, Liberati!) and I am glad we stretched a bit and tried something new. My favorite of the day was the Liberati Short France and the runner up was Saison Rose from Brewery Ommegang.  There were also some beers that I tried that I couldn’t finish… but this always happens at beer fests and you shouldn’t be afraid to dump the beer and move on to a new sample.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 5.04.03 PM

The garden at Midtown was a great events space and I hope we can come back and explore this neighborhood a bit more this summer!  It’s on the very north end of Denver and it was easy to get to from I25 which makes it a great meet up spot for us and our Denver friends!


Spigot Labs offered me these tickets but all of the opinions are my own.


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  1. Susan Taylor Brand says:

    Wow this is so cool! I had no idea they had a festival like this down in Denver (we’re in Fort Collins). I guess I’ll try to put it on my calendar for 2020. Thanks for the report.

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