A whirlwind weekend in Longmont!


So this weekend is a prime example of why we love Longmont!  Our entire weekend was packed full of beers, music, and friends!

After a brief stop at the gym after work, it was off to Shoes and Brews for a beer.  They are right next door after all and it was member’s day at S&B!  Once we sat down, I dutifully checked my Instagram and saw that Longs Peak was getting an early start on Stout Month!  That means 2020 will have 30 full days of Stout Month.  We had our Bingo cards already and headed over to a standing room only bar and restaurant!

Saturday was an easy morning of weekend prep before the Winter Walkabout Music Showcase.  We had our tickets in advance so it was off to enjoy as many bands as we could before the night was over!  I can’t believe how many people came out to support all of the great musical acts!  We hit up a handful of spots before heading out for a quick dinner and home to rest up!


And Sunday was the big game!!  Our plan was to have a handful of couples over to the house to watch the game.  However, it didn’t turn out that way…  One by one, we heard from our most of our friends that they weren’t going to be able to make it.  We had an amazing time anyway with our small group!  We had some amazing food and watched a fantastic game and halftime show!



And Maggie had had enough when the night was through.  Our friends tucked her in and she stayed put!



And after yesterdays 70*  window open kind of day, today we have 20* weather with a chance of 10 inches of snow.  It’s a good day to work from home, enjoy some hot tea, and sit by the fireplace.  I hope you had an amazing weekend and if you are in Colorado, stay warm this week!



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