Snow days!

So we had snow on Thanksgiving…
And then we had a brown December…
And an ever more brown January, I mean it was so bad we had to water our trees.
And now, 2 epic snowfalls in the first week of February.  It snowed on Tuesday and now it’s been snowing for almost 24 hours.  Up in the mountains, they are getting dumped on but down here on the Front Range, it’s just big, fluffy flakes.  At least they are easy to shovel.Backyard Snow

Luckily, for the beer drinkers here, it’s STOUT MONTH!!  And that means that this weather calls for some big, tasty beers.  As long as the roads stay ok, I might need to head out and see if I can get a seat at the bar at our very busy Stout Month home.  And if not, memories from a beer earlier this week will have to suffice.  TGIF!


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