Staying home and trying to stay sane


So about a month ago, my first work trip was cancelled… my boss said don’t worry, you can re-book a trip to LA and we’ll see you soon.

And since then, this has blossomed into a pandemic and we are all doing our part to #stayhome.  We cancelled our 10 year anniversary trip to Italy (still no refund, thanks Norwegian…), all of our work trips have been put on hold (there might have been a quick trip to London for Husband), and we have started ordering groceries and takeout.

While I feel very fortunate to have a place to spread out and my own home office.  I have a job to do in that home office that is keeping me busy and looking forward.  I have more than enough yard chores to keep me busy and I found a few boxes that need sorting.

But I can’t help but feel dread.  Dread that this shelter in place is going to last longer than just a few more weeks.  Dread that when things do “return to normal” some of my favorite restaurants, bars, and shops won’t be there.  Dread that I will run out of things to keep my mind busy.  Dread that this welling of emotions is never going to recede.

But I know it will. And when we get back to “normal”, whatever that means, I will have more dinners out and beers on the patio!  I will travel with gusto! And I will appreciate the hugs that I can give and receive.  And I know that I will always have some hand sanitizer and lysol wipes in my bag…


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