Quarantine in photos

So with some extra time on my hands, I thought I might bring some of my cellphone pictures out to show how we have been staying in!

First, every day I have coffee and breakfast and then a complete round of supplements, allergy meds, and immunity boosters!


Now that we aren’t going any where in May… I can really go full force ahead on an early garden.  We have peppers, tomatoes, herbs, eggplant, and zucchini.  They are much bigger a week in and they will continue to grow for another month or so in the house.  I had all of the supplies before all of this started.


On the outings I have done, we have been using gloved and face coverings.  We had a box of masks but I put one on for the store and I thought I was going to pass out!  I think it was some kind of claustrophobia so now I use outdoor gear to stay safe.


Cooking 3 meals a day and doing all of the dishes started to wear on me so some days, it’s acceptable to have a good cheese plate for dinner… This has only happened a few times, I promise.


On the days that the weather cooperates (read: not today) I have tried to lace up my shoes and get out.  It might be for a jog or just to walk the dog around the block but I definitely need the fresh air.


It’s also important to get out and support your favorite restaurants, shops, and breweries if you can do so safely!  Take the proper precautions, call ahead and order if you can, and make sure to tip those people who are still in the store!  We grabbed some crowlered beer and came home to enjoy it on the patio!


YARD WORK!!  It’s the best way to not work through lunch.  I go out, listen to a 45 minute podcast and get some dirt on my hands!  Vitamin D and some comedy definitely helps with the cabin fever.


New recipes have made meals a little more interesting.  We tried the Skinnytaste bagels and had some mild success.  They didn’t fluff up because the baking soda was old but we got a new canister with the grocery delivery and we will try again!


Of course, Quarantine necessities… not really.  Just a great deal from a great California vineyard and now we have rosé for days!


Easter was hard this year but we tried to make it special by ordering a delicious meal from a nice restaurant.  24Carrot Bistro set us up with a full spread!  Quiche, mimosas, sticky buns, deviled eggs, and Brussel sprouts.  We had plenty of leftovers and enjoyed a fancy feast!




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